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.NETJumpstart™ Framework

The .NETJumpstart™ Framework is a new and innovative approach to application development with emphasis on decreasing your costs and maximizing your IT department's potential.

.NETJumpstart™ Framework is a multi-tier, service-oriented architecture developed on the .NET Framework that dramatically extends the functionality of the framework, thereby decreasing the product lifecycle and reducing development costs.

The .NETJumpstart™ Framework is flexible enough to be utilized for either web-based or client/server applications. Included in the architectural approach are built-in, pre-developed and pre-tested components that are extensions of the .NET Framework. Utilizing the extensive capabilities provided in .NETJumpstart™ Framework means you no longer have to start at "square one" with every new application development project.

Using the built-in role-based security model and components makes implementing a secure system a snap! Enhanced error/event logging reduces long-term maintenance costs and increases system up-time by simplifying the resolution of issues. A consistent and flexible look and feel can be obtained that is easily modified during the lifetime of the application. With the Celeritas .NETJumpstart™ Framework, developers spend less time writing code and more time concentrating on business critical components, key to the success of your company.

.NETJumpstart™ Framework features include:

  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Can be Web-based or Client/server
  • Enhanced "Auto-deploy" Feature
  • Pre-built & Pre-tested Components
  • Webservices
  • Robust Error Handling/Logging
  • Snap-in Encryption Component
  • Consistent Application "look & feel"

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