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.NET Case Studies

Industry: Oil & Gas
Project: GIS & Land Title Database

A major, independent oil and gas company needed assistance integrating natural gas well related data with their GIS mapping software. The client's GIS applications could not perform the data layer updates in a timely fashion, thus wasting company time and money.


Celeritas reviewed the map layer and data integration process and developed new applications in C#.NET that enabled multiple users to consistently view updated data and map layers on a daily basis with no interruptions. Celeritas also provided functionality to maintain land title records—query, view, add, and updates—as well as to add to and view the supporting documentation. The application and required functionality were provided on time and under budget.

Tools and technologies employed included C#.NET and SQL Server Database.

Industry: Healthcare Management
Project: Member Health Care Management System

A nation-wide health care management organization had used a nationally recognized, third party web-based patient care system for several years under a service agreement to manage one-on-one patient care between on-staff nurses and enrolled, healthcare members.

Under a tight time frame, the client made the decision to part ways with the third party’s system and asked Celeritas to build and deploy a new, internal care management system in order to better suit the organization's growing needs, and to do it six months.


Celeritas gathered business requirements, consulted with the client on the decision to use Microsoft .NET technology, developed the technical design, built, tested, thoroughly documented and deployed the client's health care management system, and mentored the client's staff under the required timeframe and well within the budget estimated at the start of the project.

The end result was a successful launch on-time and under the project budget. The client estimated that building this application in-house saved their organization over $2.5 million dollars the first year, versus buying another third-party product.

Tools and technologies employed included Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server.

Industry: Not-for-Profit
Project: Registration & Tracking System

A large, not-for-profit association desired to redesign and rewrite their legacy registration and tracking management system to provide a new, web-based version that could better integrate with other in-house applications and scale to meet their business growth. Celeritas was selected to provide mentoring, design and development skills to the client for this multi-year project.

The project included leveraging the .NET framework to achieve full feature integration capabilities between windows and web applications, as well as Web Services. This project used Microsoft's advanced .NET technology, along with SQL Server to increase development efficiencies and reduce delivery timeframes.


Tools and technologies employed included Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, SQL Server Express, Crystal Reports and Visual Studio.

Industry: Not-for-Profit
Project: Sponsorship Application

A not-for-profit organization asked Celeritas to replace their existing DOS-based sponsorship system with an enterprise-class, object-oriented architecture and design that would allow them to extend and modify the application to support large growth in the future.


The current system was a complex application with nine different subsystems. The new design needed to include all existing functionality, but provide a more intuitive interface for users, and a design that created a more intimate relationship between sponsors and their benefactors. Celeritas provided a team of senior consultants to design, architect, build, test and implement a system utilizing the .NET Framework and C# for the client/server components.

Tools and technologies employed included Microsoft .NET, Crystal Reports, Microsoft NT Server, Microsoft Project, and UML.

Industry: Manufacturing
Project: Laboratory Information Management System

A large food manufacturing company asked Celeritas to rewrite and migrate their laboratory information management system from legacy Oracle Forms 4.5 technology to an open and distributed intranet application using the .NET Framework. Industry and business process changes were not being supported with the older Oracle forms solution, which led the client to the newer system architecture.

This core business application was rewritten using VB.NET hitting a relational database using Crystal Viewer.

Tools and technologies employed were Microsoft .NET, VB.NET, Oracle, and Windows 2000 Crystal Viewer.

Industry: Technology
Project: Web-based Interface to Microsoft SourceSafe

Collaborative software development requires tools that enable developers to access and exchange information in a secure fashion with other developers and clients. Expositus provides a Thick Client and a Web-Based interface to a Microsoft Visual SourceSafe repository, enabling secured file upload and download capability, as well as the checkin and checkout functionality provided by the file repository.


Using a Thick Client or a Web-Based interface, developers can access multiple source code repositories as well as file system files and other data providers from a consistent, highly configurable user interface.

Tools and technologies employed included Microsoft .NET, Active Server Pages, Java Script, Microsoft Active Directory, and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe.

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