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Many companies today either have application projects underway with Microsoft .NET, are considering .NET as the platform for an upcoming project, or are wrestling with the strategic decision to select .NET as their architecture of choice.

Celeritas has been there, and we're leading the charge. We've conquered the technological challenges associated with .NET. With thousands of man hours developing .NET applications, and many more hours developing Java applications, we operate on "real world" experience, not just "theory." We have the background and innovation to help you design and architect a solution that will not only save you money, but will also provide you with a long-term, reliable and scalable solution.

As you investigate deeper into the Microsoft .NET world, you will undoubtedly have questions. We may have the answers. Check out some of these questions we hear frequently from your peers in the industry... (click a topic to read more)

How can .NET Lower my Development Costs?

Microsoft claims big savings in development time by decreasing the amount of code that is needed, while increasing productivity. How does Microsoft .NET support those claims?    

Should I Build a Windows or a Web Application?

The choice of which to build—a Windows or a Web application—can be a difficult one if you don't understand the key factors that go into such a decision. With Microsoft .NET, understanding your client options is the key.    

Looking for a Portal?

Portals are the latest buzz word in the Web Application world...and with good reason. So what are your options when selecting a portal framework?   

What Should I look for in a Consulting Company?

There are many reasons why you might consider bringing in a consulting company to supplement your own IT staff, but with so many options available, what should you look for in order to ensure you pick the right one?    

What Does it Take to Create a Successful .NET Application?

Most companies are cautious when it comes to wading into the waters of the Microsoft .NET platform, but take a look at some of the techniques that Celeritas Technologies has used to build successful Microsoft .NET applications...  

Celeritas' .NETJumpstart™ Framework

The .NETJumpstart™ Framework is a new and innovative approach to application development, with emphasis on decreasing your costs and maximizing your IT department's potential...   

Celeritas Technologies' .NETworks Toolkit - Reusable Building Blocks

In the race to finish projects on-time and under-budget, it always helps to get a head start. The Celeritas Technologies' Toolkit of reusable .NET components can give you the jump start you need...  

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